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Transform Lives. 

Empowered by Truth Incorporated is a non-profit organization providing mentorship and education to youth and adults. We offer four programs: Leadership Development, Financial Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, and Entrepreneurship.

Our organization services children and adults of all ages. Individuals are enrolled in our programs for twelve months. Each program lasts for ninety days before transitioning into a new one.

We teach holistically and offer courses in time management, leadership, credit and money management, first-time home buyers, business 101, diet and exercise, emotional wellness, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Upon completion of the program, each student will receive a certificate.  

VP 360 Empowerment Session Nov. 27th

Unleash Your Earning Potential 2021 Dec. 3-4th

New York City Broadway Middle School Trip 

February 25, 2023 

Donations accepted online. Please email us directly for volunteer opportunities. 




Empowered By Truth, Inc. is operated by a board of directors. Monique V. Hines is the President and Chairwoman. The organization is managed by Millennials. 

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