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Empowered By Truth, Inc. was founded in the spring of 2020 by Monique V. Hines. We are a non profit organization that focuses on closing the generational wealth gap and other disparities for children around the world. These children typically live in under served communities. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of generational poverty due to a lack of education and financial resources.

Our vision is to Empower, Transform, and Restore the lives of children and young adults around the world. Our mission is to teach the next generation, how to build generational wealth through Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Emotional Wellness. We believe that Love, Education, Wisdom, Self Worth, and Financial Resources are the pathway to Financial Freedom and Prosperity.


We have taught students both domestically and internationally. Our mentoring programs offer students the opportunity to learn about time management, leadership development, finances, entrepreneurship, and emotional intelligence by applying holistic principles to their lives. 



Empowered By Truth, Inc. works one on one and in small groups with students ages 5-24 teaching them about life skills. We offered four programs Literacy, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Masterpiece Mentors. Each student is enrolled into a program for six to twelve months depending on their individual circumstances. Students have an opportunity to pick one to four programs to study during their mentorship. At the end of the program the students are awarded a certificate of completion and a grant. 

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