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Empowered By Truth, Inc. is committed to education, empowerment, and equipping the next generation. Generation Z (ages 9-24) are our future leaders. Our focus is teaching each child about entrepreneurship, economics, finances, leadership, and emotional intelligence. So they will be able to compete in a global economy.

Our immediate goal is to establish our first location in the Metropolitan area.


To help advance our mission we are seeking to raise $1,000,000.00 to build a community center for children and young adults. Our community center will provide a safe environment for the children and young adults to learn about explore their creativity. 


We are launching a five year campaign to raise the funds. For more information, about ways to partner, become a sponsor, make a donation, or to set up a meeting with our Chairwoman, Monique V. Hines please call us at (202) 870-8903. Thank you.

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